Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I'm really bad at being friendly and smiling at people I don't know, or if I think they're not going to remember me or acknowledge me. Call it being aloof or shy or socially inept (It's all three, really), but this comic touches on that, from the perspective of the other person.

Sidelines Goes to the Gym

I was really embarrassed and self-conscious when I started to go to the gym, mostly because I never thought it was a place for people who weren't a) already in shape, b) muscular, and c) vain. My idea of the gym and working out has changed a lot since I drew this comic, but I still feel a little weird when I see people from bands I like getting their elliptical on.

Beta Blockers

I've never tried Beta Blockers, but sometimes I think they'd probably help me out. This strip takes from those ridiculous commercials on tv about prescription drugs that are supposed to seem like normal, everyday people talking about their health afflictions and the drugs that they can take to help them.

Jeane, If You're Ever in Portland

This Casiotone for the Painfully Alone song just seemed to create a comic strip in my mind. I pictured a couple of straight edge emo-y kids who met while the guy was on tour with his At the Drive In-inspired band.
Come to think of it, I think any of Owen's songs could probably translate into a comic -- he's just a really good storyteller.


This one probably seems really esoteric because it was basically an inside joke with the real life guy in the comic strip. My favorite part of it is how he goes from a clean shaven man to a fully bearded dude at the end of the strip. I also like the idea of a dolphin saving you from being eaten by a shark, but that's because I'm really afraid of getting eaten by a shark.

The New Rock Family

I just started noticing all these bands with familial names -- I had to say something.

Sidelines Gets Serious