Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I'm really bad at being friendly and smiling at people I don't know, or if I think they're not going to remember me or acknowledge me. Call it being aloof or shy or socially inept (It's all three, really), but this comic touches on that, from the perspective of the other person.

Sidelines Goes to the Gym

I was really embarrassed and self-conscious when I started to go to the gym, mostly because I never thought it was a place for people who weren't a) already in shape, b) muscular, and c) vain. My idea of the gym and working out has changed a lot since I drew this comic, but I still feel a little weird when I see people from bands I like getting their elliptical on.

Beta Blockers

I've never tried Beta Blockers, but sometimes I think they'd probably help me out. This strip takes from those ridiculous commercials on tv about prescription drugs that are supposed to seem like normal, everyday people talking about their health afflictions and the drugs that they can take to help them.

Jeane, If You're Ever in Portland

This Casiotone for the Painfully Alone song just seemed to create a comic strip in my mind. I pictured a couple of straight edge emo-y kids who met while the guy was on tour with his At the Drive In-inspired band.
Come to think of it, I think any of Owen's songs could probably translate into a comic -- he's just a really good storyteller.


This one probably seems really esoteric because it was basically an inside joke with the real life guy in the comic strip. My favorite part of it is how he goes from a clean shaven man to a fully bearded dude at the end of the strip. I also like the idea of a dolphin saving you from being eaten by a shark, but that's because I'm really afraid of getting eaten by a shark.

The New Rock Family

I just started noticing all these bands with familial names -- I had to say something.

Sidelines Gets Serious

Art School Confidential

Rando 3 panel Sidelines created for a special issue (I think about Art Schools, maybe for the release of "Art School Confidential"?).


I drew this one after an awesome Boredoms show in SF and a trippy weekend in Big Sur for a Folk Yeah show. There really was a kid from Santa Cruz who serenaded me with "Free Bird."


My 25th birthday was spent at the Stud for a Hawnay Troof and 2 Wett show. It was a fun night. Glad I was able to put P. Kitty in at least one of my comic strips.

Walk of Shame

One morning several years ago, I was returning home from a night out and a homeless man in a wheelchair looked at me and said, "Girl, you look tore up." Now that's a walk of shame.

Ryan C.

This comic is based on a real incident. The dude is someone I met online a long time ago. We went on one date and although he was nice and it was a fun time, I wasn't interested in him romantically, so I never called him. He ended up becoming good friends (and bandmates) with some of my pals, and well, our first re-meeting was kind of awkward. The girl in the first panel is also real. She never, ever remembers me. Or at least she pretends not to.

SF Dating Scene

The band in the first panel is supposed to be Death Sentence: Panda! Not really much else to say about this comic because it speaks for itself.

Dear Readers

I became aware that I was making fun of everyone all the time in my comics, but I guess that's what made it fun for me to do. Does that mean I'm a bad person?
I don't remember what "Mothic" means anymore (Anyone?). I do love the idea of there being a community of Dashboard Confessional fan fiction writers, though.
The dedication is to Melissa Ip, who dressed up as a member of Suicidal Tendencies for Halloween one year.

Wolf Eyes and Wolf Eyes Revisited

These two strips go together because the first strip -- a comic about John Olson from Wolf Eyes -- inspired a Sidelines reader to e-mail me to point out my error in calling a triple flail with morning stars a mace. The second comic is his letter, word for word, but drawn as if written from by a Renaissance Faire-loving geek. Looking back on it, it probably was not so nice of me to mock the poor man, but something about the tone of his e-mail warranted a public response.
I actually had to call him and confirm that he wrote the letter and ask permission to use his words. I didn't tell him I was going to draw him into my comic, but at least he knew his words would be in print!


Another tribute comic, this time to my friend Justine and her knack for hooking up with boys who love them some Otis Redding.


It's too bad that my tribute comic to Eran was so crappily drawn. I must've been tired that week. Anyway, I still see the guy at a lot of the shows I go to, but since I don't go that often, it's more like once a month than every other day. Props to the man for still going out all the time!

Zach Hill

Turning Japanese

MTV Rant

I was watching a whole lotta MTV, and TV in general, when I drew this comic. Also, I really wanted to bag on Maroon 5 in comic form, so here it is.

New York Rant

I drew this comic not too long after 9/11 during my bitterest period of hating on NY. I don't hate on the place anymore, but I still have no desire to live there.

Record Store Sell Out

Someone once asked me if the record store guy is supposed to be a real person. No, it's not. The story behind this strip is that one of my friends used to be afraid of being judged at Amoeba Records, so she only traded her CDs at crappy music stores, like Sam Goody or the Wherehouse. As she was a self-proclaimed yuppie-raver type, I guess her fears were warranted.

Born of Snake Pit

I was really fascinated with Slash from Guns N Roses at the time I drew this strip. He was on my radar because it was around the time that Velvet Revolver had their first hit on MTV. I love that he oozes sex, sleaze and apathy, and all without irony. Anyway, somehow I came up with the phrase "born of Snakepit" to describe a Slash-like person, and that's what this comic strip is all about.

Hipster Kids

When I drew this one, I was revisiting the genius of Garbage Pail Kids and thought it would be hilarious to do hipster versions. This strip is obviously dated -- does anyone even know what SF-Indie list is these days?!

Friends Forever

Featuring bands you like in comics is fun, so I did it as often as I could. This comic is about the time I didn't see Friends Forever. Sad and true. It's also about how shows can go on way too late and how most people don't have the patience/stamina to stay to see the last band play.

Urine Luck

When I was working at the SFBG I was going to 3-5 shows a week. Since I wasn't making much scrilla and a lot of bookers were generous in offering me list, I often would take them up on the offer, or else ask nicely to be put on the list for shows. I tried not to abuse the power of the press, but sometimes I ended up feeling like an asshole, especially when a booker or publicist would forget to put me on the list and I'd have to insist my way in at the door. It didn't always work, and in the end, I learned to print out e-mails as proof.


This comic is loosely based on a true story. This guy and I went to see a Ruins show at the Covered Wagon and he went on a tirade about how much he hated encores. I don't think he actually said the thing about "shooting your wad" and I don't think he actually shushed me to listen to an encore, but something about his self-righteousness inspired me to draw this. I always wondered if he saw the comic and knew it was about him -- the Brain Bombs t-shirt was a big hint.
Funny thing is, before I knew him I didn't really mind encores, but ever since he said it, I have no patience for encores either.

Too Short

The Scene

From the Sidelines revisited

Hi there,

The Web site where I put up my old comic strip, From the Sidelines, is defunct so I'm going to put them all up on this blog. Except for the first one, they are not in order of when they were published because I'm too lazy. I hope you enjoy them anyway, and perhaps one day I'll start a new comic.